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At wenable we are e committed to the communities we work with, to our partners, to our stakeholders, to the environment and to society. We're convinced that Innovation, localization, and community-based initiatives drive development and sustainable growth, and that societal and environmental engagement are no longer options, but the only way to go! ​We strive to build the best platform to guarantee sustainable solutions, while staying coherent to our vision and mission, to develop a consultancy service with strong social impact, and integrate elements that enhance community capacity and development. We agree to several sustainability frameworks, initiatives, and standards, and commit to share  share data as per their specifications. Our sustainability strategy is influenced and informed by our collective commitments. We are committed to disclosing our strategy for managing sustainability on our website, integrate a sustainability report into our operations and financial reviews to enable transparency towards our stakeholders, to capture our sustainable actions (ESG). Furthermore we support and commit to the: UN global compact, UN Sustainable development goals, The Paris Agreement, UN's Guiding principles on business and human rights

Image by Daniel Funes Fuentes

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