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Operational Start-Up


Sulaymaniyah, Iraq
Security & Safety Management - Capacity Building

Faith-based European NGO delivering humanitarian and development services worldwide.


Part of the organisation local capacity building process, we have been solicited to provide Safety and Security Training, including security plan elaboration and implementation, emergency and crisis management system to their local implementing partner in Kurdistan region, Iraq.

The Approach

  • Remote needs and capacity assessment (local implementing partner)

  • Delivery of a one week-workshop with following contents:

    • Risk assessment techniques

    • Safety and security plan module elaboration

    • SOP elaboration including desktop exercises based on scenarios typical for the implementing partner's area of operation

    • Contingency plan elaboration including case study analysis

    • Emergency and crisis management plan elaboration

    • Training of trainers on First Aid


The Results

  • Effective training delivery tailored to the organisation needs

  • Local implementing organisation focal points capacitated as per the safety and security management standards

The Impact

Effective training delivery tailored to the organisation needs led to capacitated staff in line with respective industry standards.

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