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wenable provides tailor-made staff development solutions that equip field teams with creative skills and problem-solving attitude to thrive through organizational change and transformation.

We assist aid organizations develop and deliver custom-made training and coaching contents and best practices that enable staff to fulfil their roles with confidence, enhance program results and organizational change.

Our experts are recognized for their passion and interest in building platforms that enables organizational changes. They have expertise in staff development, coaching, talent management, and helping organizations thrive through change and transformation.

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Purchasing Techniques & Ethical Procurement

This training provides the foundation of ethical procurement and the fundamental phases of the Supply/procurement cycle.

Tactical driving
& Vehicle Operations

This training provides element of tactical driving (4X4, defensive driving) vehicle maintenance, operations and fleet management.

Security Training

we provide stand-alone Security training (SRM, RSA, SOP, Security and safety Plan, Contingency Plan); Business Continuity Operations and Techniques.

Logistics & Supply Chain Performance

This training provides guidance and tools to monitor and audit the performance of logistics and internal quality control processes.

Facility Management
& Techniques

This training provides guidance and tools for the efficient management, monitoring of buildings and equipment; including maintenance and site safety.

Coaching and Mentoring

We use coaching and mentoring as a key enabler of performance for local, and community-based organization.

Business Presentation

Our Approach Staff Development

Developing effective and engaging training programs for adult learners is a challenge that we accept with passion. Our training contents combine elements of adult theoretical learning approaches and best practices accumulated from decades of field experiences. We develop contents that have proven effective in steering adult learners to expand what they know, enhance their problem-solving skills, achieve their goals, and find their meaningful places in their respective organization. Particularly, we address staff development by combining elements of learner-centeredness, self-directed learning, and humanist philosophy. Adopting a learner/client centeredness, approach we guarantee the best learning experience, by incorporating staff and organizations needs at the center of our training program, which contents are tailored to closely match each participant expectation, whatever their level. Aware of some challenges such as financial constraints, which may hinder some national, local, and community-based organisation from fully engaging in the learning experience, we offer pro-bono assistance tailored to their need. In fact, through our local capacity development program (training, coaching, mentorship etc.).

Through the below gallery, we invite you to discover the passion and the effort our team put in their everyday work with our partners and community.