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Safety & Security

Aware of dynamic security environments clients may be facing, wenable supports national & international non-profits in developing and implementing safety and security management systems including emergency and crisis response capacities in order to:

  • Identify, analyse and evaluate risk environments

  • Inform risk appetite-led decision-making prior of market/ project entry and during ongoing projects

  • Capacitate or to strengthen internal management resources or to source new staff or service providers

  • Develop strategies and methods including coping mechanisms (tolerance, transfer, treatment or termination of risks)

  • Prepare clients for extraordinary situations like emergencies and crises threatening the organisation's human resources, financial and non-monetary assets.

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Risk Assessment

Risks assessments are being carried out in order to identify, to analyse and to evaluate risks resulting from threat sources' impact on assets like staff, property, processes, information and the client organisation's reputation. Risks exceeding the client's acceptance threshold will be proposed for the application risk mitigation techniques which may involve treatment, transfer, termination and tolerance of processes vulnerable to risk.

Safety, Security, Emergency and Crisis Plan

We develop and operationalise plans that detail client's approaches to manage and mitigates operational safety and security risks. Specifically, our advisor help in drafting Standard Operating Procedures, Contingency Plans, as well as Emergency Actions Plans. Adopting a prospective approach, we use foresight to establish scenarios which light the way of decision-makers.

Business Continuity Plan 

we help in drafting and operationalize offering business continuity management plans, that facilitates aid actors’ operations during emergencies or enable a fast re-start after a crisis.  We analyze organisation's vulnerability towards critical events and define contingences for scenarios with potential to cause or causing interruptions of core business and non-core processes.

Case management support

During onset emergencies and crisis, we may provide support to aid to help understanding and analysing the situation, taking adequate decisions and to track the success of decisions making process. We may embed specialised consultants to the client's case management team or deliver services remotely. Case management support may also involve liaison with internal and external stakeholders and case management communication.

Safety & Security Trainings

We offer a wide range of trainings related to safety, security, emergency and crisis management in order to improve the client's capacities. Trainings can be facilitated remotely, at the client's premises or at any location the client defines. Training subjects do include but are not limited to first aid, safe driving, operation of field-relevant communication equipment and case management techniques for decision makers during emergencies and crisis.

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Our Approach to Safety and Security Management

Our consultants are drawing from a proven track-record of various successfully managed projects in a variety of mid to high-risk environments for clients of the non-profit, profit and government sector. Starting with a needs assessment, wenable is going to develop approaches, both based on the client's capacities, philosophy and ethical standards and on the client organisations risk acceptance threshold. Following a strict "do no harm" policy, wenable will adapt strategies and plans to the business environment the client intends to perform in. Approaches will always be harmonised with the actual realities of the location and will respect laws, the customs and cultural preconditions of the target communities.

Through the below case studies, we invite you to discover the passion and the effort our team put in their everyday work with our partners and community.

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