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Project Monitoring & Evaluation

Whether you are in project's drafting, planning or at initial phases of your implementation, you may consider an evaluation of your existing monitoring, evaluation, accountability and learning system to guarantee project effectiveness, accountability, ownership, and compliance.

We provide guidance and tools that help local and international aid actors monitor, audit and upgrade their MEAL system, for better accountability and compliance with regulations and quality standards.

MEAL Framework Development

wenable develops user-friendly tools and provides guidance on how to setup, structure or upgrade an integrated monitoring system, that enhance project quality,  accountability, compliance and learning. Specifically, our advisors support in the elaboration, review and follow-up of the below activities:

  • Project M&E Plan

  • Results framework

  • Project Indicator Tracking Table

  • MEAL team roles and responsibilities

  • Performance Achievement

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Field Need Assessment

Having hard times matching timeframe to respond to an unexpected call for proposals, or to a sudden humanitarian disaster? You want to focus on more strategic aspects of your project and outsource a field need assessment ? Or just prefer taking a step back to have a more objective view of the situation?

Our team can assist in providing in situ or remote support to elaborate and conduct field need assessment and more specifically the below activities:

  • Desk review 

  • Field data collection

  • Data Analysis

  • Assessment report

Project Evaluation

We support aid actors in developing tools and conducting internal and external project evaluations . Specifically, our advisors support in the elaboration, review and follow-up of the below activities:

  • Secondary Data

  • Data collection Method

  • Evaluation Questionnaire

  • Selection Criteria

  • Project Activity Report

  • Mid-term & Final Evaluation

  • Lessons Learned

  • Recommendations

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Our Approach to MEAL

The commitment to balance and respond to the needs of all stakeholders challenge us to offers more than supporting the continual and systematic assessment of project’s process but to promote and streamline a culture of continuous learning, accountability and transparency within the M&E process. We address the MEAL as 4 interconnected sectors synchronized and interacting with the project cycle management and linked by a red thread through knowledge and data management. We support organization enhancing accountability & learning process through an organizational learning and adaptive management approach, capacity building activities, the setup of an effective Feedback and Complaints Response Mechanism; and through the collection and sharing of lessons learnt and best practices.

Through the below gallery, we invite you to discover the passion and the effort our team put in their everyday work with our partners and community.