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People & 

Enhance organizational effectiveness

and community development

through our unique consulting solutions!

Through a capacity development program (Training, Coaching & Mentoring), we want to equip individuals and groups, especially local and community Based Organisation (CBO) with adequate tools and skills-set, so together with specialized humanitarian actors, they can improve the quality of aid assistance, while staying engaged.


We assist international aid organisations develop responses strategies (as well as exit strategies) that empower local community, build local ownership, reinforce local organisational structure. Aware of some challenges such as financial constraints, which may hinder some local, and community-based organisations from fully engage in the people and organizations development process, we offer pro-bono assistance tailored to their need.

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Our Approach to People
and Organization 

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Developing effective and engaging organisational development solutions that benefit aid organization and especially community-based ones is a challenge that we proudly accept with passion. At wenable, we believe the best way to make significant impact and operate sustainable changes in the life of crisis affected population, is to develop an aid assistance model that is centralized on the development of people and organizations. For that we have dedicated significant portion of our business operation to promote and enhance the provision of coordinated and easily accessible capacity development initiatives and evolve from a private “fit for purpose” consulting firm into a business lab for local community. We strive to develop contents which prove effective in steering individuals and groups to expand what they know, enhance their problem-solving skills, achieve their goals, and find their meaningful places in their respective organization. Particularly, we address people and organization development by combining elements of learner-centeredness, self-directed learning, and humanist philosophy.


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wenable provides tailor-made organisational effectiveness solutions that equip field teams with creative skills and problem-solving attitude to thrive through organisational change and transformation.

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