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Logistics System Re-engineering

April - June 2022

N'djamena, Chad
How improved logistics system can help enhance projects operations.

International non-profit, implementing public health program worldwide.


From April to June 2022, we supported the Organisation in evaluating and redesigning the logistics functions of their program in Chad. Operating in very challenging environment, as well as under-developed logistic context, the organisation has long strived to deliver its program results in timely and optimal manners. Decentralizing the supply chain function from the main operations hub in N'djamena to serve remote project locations throughout the country proved to be a major challenge especially during the rainy season and through consistent nationwide fuel shortages.

The Approach

Drawing on our experiences working in similar context, we have addressed the issues using an appreciative, and coaching approaches: 

  • Initiate a systematic review of the established business practices, the business environment, resources, market structure and organization demand catalogue;

  • Conduct field visits to identify and discuss major operational challenges, logistics gaps and risks, and integrate field team input in order to establish realistic project demand forecasts and supply plans;

  • Provide staff coaching sessions on key logistics functions;

  • Initiate cross-functional and collaborative planning to improve logistics function decision-making processes on strategic and operational levels.



  • Project goods are supplied and stock are strategically prepositioned throughout the various project locations, ready to be easily deployed during the rainy season.

  • Logistics teams are initiated to the Logistics Activity Plan (LAP), in order strategically define, forecast and respond to upcoming project needs.

    Revised and tailor-made logistics content and tracking system are established for better compliance and quality control.

  • Operational efficiency was maximized through strategic business partnerships with organizational support services and high-quality negotiation with third-party logistics.

The Impact

Following the consultancy, the organization has observed substantial improvement in their supply chain infrastructure, as well logistics organization including planning, forecasting etc.