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Meet Jean Evens Tessier,
Managing Partner and Founder of wenable and a remarkable force driving change in the world of humanitarian consulting. 

"I am deeply passionate about driving change and firmly believe that creating a substantial impact in the lives of crisis-affected populations requires a business model that not only supports civil society but also nurtures sustainable community-driven strategies and programs." 

My Story

Hailing from Port-Au-Prince Haiti, my journey in the humanitarian field began 14 years ago, sparked by the aftermath of the devastating earthquake in Haiti on Jan 10 2010.  This journey has taken me across the globe, overseeing humanitarian operations in challenging context such as Chad, Congo, Haiti, Iraq, Myanmar, Niger, Sudan,Turkey etc.


My vision, rooted in empowering individuals and bridging knowledge gaps to drive social change, has been instrumental in the creation of wenable in August 2022. My emphasis on community capacity development and the establishment of sustainable organizations is underpinned by focused training and coaching initiatives.

"Through wenable, I aspires to create sustainable change and celebrate the remarkable endeavors of communities worldwide. my passion for empowering individuals and promoting social change is what drives the firm's unique consulting concept."

With a diverse skill set, my expertise spans a wide spectrum, ranging from strategy and program development, multi-sectoral projects management, effective field operations management (logistics and agile supply operations), and the creation of impactful capacity development initiatives, tools, Policy and learning solutions that enable both staff and organizations thrive through transformation and change. This multifaceted skill set enables me to contribute comprehensively and effectively to our mission at wenable.

I am eager to collaborate with you to achieve exceptional program results and enhance organizational effectiveness.


I'm continually seeking fresh and exhilarating opportunities. Let's connect and explore the possibilities.

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