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Enhance your logistics efficiency through wenable’s unique consulting solutions

Aware of the challenges that an under-developed logistics and supply chain system can constitute in humanitarian aid delivery, we focus on delivering the highest quality of logistics advising services, so aid actors, can finely design, coordinate and deliver aid operations with the optimal efficiency and sustainability. Although a new venture, wenable logistics team members are hand-picked for their expertise and significant experience in delivering humanitarian logistics operations in complex and volatile context. We work collaboratively with our partners to achieve operational efficiency, through the continuous monitoring and evaluation of their logistics and supply chain infrastructure, as well the promotion of strategic business partnership with organization support services and suppliers.

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Our Approach to Humanitarian Logistics

There are different concepts and approaches to logistics and supply chain; they are influenced by different natures of operations and collaboration practices. In the aid sector, logistics (a more specific concept, but with a larger scope) include operational elements of humanitarian responses (transportation, communications, administration, facility management, welfare, security etc.) At wenable we address humanitarian logistics by combining elements of consultative, appreciative, coaching approaches etc.


Partner with Us

wenable team looks to work collaboratively with you to achieve operational efficiency, through the continuous monitoring and evaluation of your humanitarian 

logistics and supply chain 


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