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Staying coherent to our vision and mission, of developing a consultancy service with larger social impact, we have dedicated a significant portion of our business operation to the development and promotion of community development initiatives.


We assist international aid organisations develop responses strategies (as well as exit strategies) which aims to empower local community, build local ownership, reinforce local organisational structure.  And aware of some challenges (e.g., financial constraints), which may hinder some national, local, and community-based organisation from fully engage in the learning experience, we offer pro bono assistance to help them build a reflection, attitude and action toward organizational change, transformation, and aid effectiveness etc.

Through capacity development program (Training, Coaching & mentoring), we want to equip local and community Based Organisation (CBO) with adequate tools and skills-set so together with specialized humanitarian actors, they can improve the quality of aid assistance, while staying engaged. 

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Our Community-Based Organisation Development Program  is a unique opportunity to collaboratively work through the key processes and work products that are essential for adding value to local and community-based organizations.


Our experts draw on their own field’s operations experience and their understanding of the needs of local and community-based organization to develop and deliver strategic package to achieve measurable and sustainable outcomes. They learn as well from local and community-based organization, as they guide and help rising talent as part of a mutual development and learning experience.

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Our Approach to Community Capacity Development.

Aid organizations have developed programs, which focus more and more on community participation, integration, however greater efforts must be done toward community capacity development. We believe that the best way to achieve long-term results, make significant impact and operate sustainable changes in the life of crisis affected population, is to develop an aid assistance model that supports the civil society and foster sustainable community-driven strategies and programs. Remaining consistent with our commitment to deliver a consulting service with larger social impact, we have dedicated significant portion of our business operation to promote and enhance the provision of coordinated and easily accessible capacity development initiatives and evolve from a private “fit for purpose” consulting firm into a business lab for Civil Society. Through the provision of small grants (in nature), selected local and community-based organization will benefit from capacity development (training, Coaching mentoring) in the areas of logistics, and project cycle management, and free consultation on organizational structuring and development.

Through the below gallery we invite you to discover the passion and the effort our team put in their everyday work with our partners and community.

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