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Emergency Case Management


Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek 
How appropriate and timely emergency case management can help save life?

German-based organization implementing humanitarian and development programs in countries of the former Soviet Union region.


During a field visit, three staff members (German nationals), were involved in a fatal accident after losing control of their vehicle. Two of the staff were severely injured, but survived the accident, while the third one did not survive. Through a consultant based in Germany, with extensive experience in emergency case management, we have provided remote case management support to the organisation's emergency management team in Germany.

The Approach

  • Client needs and capability assessment

  • Establishing communication strategy for staff members' families/relatives

  • Liaison with staff members' families, the German embassy and commercial service providers in Germany and Kyrgyzstan

  • Organization of the immediate repatriation of the deceased staff member in cooperation with a local undertaker in Bishkek and the German embassy.

  • Organization and transfer of the severely injured staff members to an appropriate care facility in Bishkek for interim stabilization.

  • Tasking a commercial air ambulance provider to conduct air-medical evacuation of both surviving staff to Germany for subsequent medical treatment and recuperation.

  • Handholding for the families in Germany including logistical management for the burial preparations.

Image by Tom Smeeton


  • Immediate fatality repatriation and re-localization of both surviving staff members.

The Impact

Through our professional and experienced case management consultant, we were able to support the client's HQ management and to facilitate optimal stakeholder liaison.

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