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Logistics Content Production

Aug 2019 - Sep 2020

Milan, Suli, Istanbul, Yangon
How improved logistics system can improve projects results

German-based humanitarian aid organization, focusing on developing WASH-projects combining the fields of water, sanitation, and hygiene.

Present in over 16 countries, including irak, Myanmar, Turkey, Lebanon, Keyna where this case study has been implemented.


After nearly three decades of successful humanitarian operations, in 2019, the client organization has launched a global re-structuring process to improve operational efficiency, organisational effectiveness, compliance and accountability. From 2019 to 2020, we have assisted the organisation in the creation, development of 2 tailormade procedures manuals in the areas of procurement and logistics, to be globally adopted in 16 countries.

The Approach

Drawing back from our experience in developing compliance policies, logistics procedures, interactive monitoring system, training content and best practices, we have addressed the challenge, through the implementation of the following activities: Elaboration and follow up of collaborative work plan and communication with organization focal points; Systematic review of organization existing tools, policies, manuals, guidelines and procedures through desk review, Country Offices visits (Turkey, Iraq, Myanmar) and Logistics capacity assessment; Update/creation of compliance contents, policies, manuals, guidelines, and procedures for country field operation including local implementing partners, as well as generic documents for HQ used. Introduce new policies/guidelines/procedures to organization staff through training and workshop in HQ and country office; Handover of all related documents and tasklists to organization HQ Logistics department

The Results

  • Effective creation and global adoption in 16 countries of 2 tailor made procedures manuals (logistics and procurement tools, policies, guidelines etc.)

  • Development and establishment of powerful and interactive logistics & procurement information management system for efficient monitoring of Logistics function.

  • Effective development and training delivery to improve processes, systems, and boost staff behaviour change.

The Impact

The effective creation of relevant logistics procedures, guidelines, LIMS has enabled the organisation to improve their supply chain infrastructure, reduced the average purchasing processing time, increased compliance to major donor regulations (incl. ECHO, BMZ, Europe Aid), enhanced operations and programmatic efficiencies and boost staff behaviour change.

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