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Operational Start-Up


Aden, Yemen
Operational start-up

Faith-based European NGO delivering humanitarian and development services worldwide.


Completely new to the Yemeni context, the client organization intended to set an office in Aden to properly support and monitor their local implementing partners, responsible to the humanitarian aid delivery in Yemen's southern province. In an advisory role, we deployed a consultant to support the organization in establishing and operationalizing the coordination hub in Aden.

The Approach

  • Demand specification

  • Desktop feasibility study: real estate market, security service providers and humanitarian network on the ground

  • On-the-ground deployment of a safety/ security consultant

  • Appropriate office selected, gap analysis regarding safety and security conducted, plan elaborated on how to close gaps (constructional features, equipment etc.)

  • Candidate firms visited and checked against demand list, most appropriate provider selected and contracted

Image by Saif Albadni


  • Within four weeks from tasking, the client organization could start operations in a recently sourced and fully equipped office.

  • Initial safety and security training  was delivered to core staff

  • Local security officer was  recruited and trained.

  •  The organization was provided with security services from a reliable local provider.

The Impact

Starting operations in a unknown business environment requires safe and secure office base, locally experienced security management and reliable service partners.

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