We are

a new consulting concept, 
an evolution to a business lab

for community development!

Our Story

Previously "insight-programming", we are an organizational effectiveness start-up, offering tailor-made consulting services that enable organizational changes, promote community leadership & development initiatives, and sustainability. Focuses primarily on developing the capacity of national, local, and community-based organization, we seek to empower individuals and groups to become the effective change in their community and environment.  We thrive in distincting our solutions from traditional Consulting and evolve from a “fit for purpose” consulting firm into a business lab for civil Society.  wenable, which can be read and interpreted both as “we enable or “winnable”, composed from the pronoun “we” and the verb “enable” defined as giving (someone) the authority or means to do something (better); or make something possible. With the objective to improve the quality of aid assistance and build more resilient communities, wenable’s concept, is originated from the strategic vision of a consulting service with a deep social focus, which primarily develop initiatives that support community capacity development and sustainable organisations. Our portfolio includes humanitarian logistics, staff training and development, project monitoring, evaluation, accountability and learning (MEAL), community capacity development initiatives etc.

& Values

At wenable we are committed to the community, to our partners, the environment and to society.

We're convinced that Innovation, localization, and community-based initiatives drive development and sustainable growth, and that societal and environmental engagement are no longer options, but the only way to go!

Image by Francesco Gallarotti

Our Mission

Provide consulting solutions that increase organizational effectiveness, promote community leadership, and improve quality of aid assistance!

Our Values

Our Vision

Create and promote initiatives that enhance durability of results and empower others to act !

Our Commitments

  • Lead by Setting the Example

  • Act for the Common Interest

  • Promote Localisation

  • Support Community Development

  • Promote Best Practices

  • Contribute to Development

Our Principles

We have adopted 4 “wenable principles” which embody the very essence our organizational culture and identity.

Meet Jean, the Founder

Founder and Managing Partner of wenable, Jean brings over thirteen years of experience in international aid cooperation, and non-profits, thriving in senior leadership and advisory roles.

Jean has overseen various humanitarian operations in DRC, Haiti, Iraq, Mali, Myanmar, Sudan, Tchad, Turkey etc.

With expertise in humanitarian supply chain, logistics, security, project lifecycle management, business development, Jean helps organizations thrive through change and transformation.

Jean is looking forward to work with you, to both set the strategy and deliver the solutions to achieve organizational change, sustainable and inclusive project results.