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We are

a protagonist of change!

We are a social-impact consulting start-up, offering tailor-made advisory services that promote aid effectiveness, organizational changes, and the development of local and community-based organizations.

Through the creation of a consulting concept that supports civil society and fosters sustainable community-driven initiatives, we step up to today's challenge to be a protagonist of social change!

Our Story

wenable’s concept is inspired by the vision of a consulting organization with a deep social focus that supports building resilient communities through improved access to quality capacity development programs.

wenable, which can be read both as “we enable” and “winnable”, can be defined as striving together to set the strategy, find means and deliver solutions to achieve transformation and sustainable change.

wenable is also a team of dedicated humanitarian professionals who shares the same passion, vision, and goals to forge new paths that enable communities to develop improved capacities so they can enjoy sustainable and future-proof life.

wenable is also you, me, or any of us who is focused on making the maximum positive impact in their community and provides the momentum that drives sustainable change and celebrate community endeavours.


At wenable we are committed to catering for the needs of struggling communities and engaging in collaborative projects which advance social and environmental agendas.

We are convinced that innovation, localization, and community-driven initiatives drive development and sustainable growth. As such, societal and environmental engagements are no longer options, but rather the only way to go. 

Our Principles

We have adopted four “wenable principles” that embody the very essence our organizational culture and identity.

Want to know more about our organization and unique consulting solutions?

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